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Medical Services Details

Executive Physicals and Preventative Medicine
We offer comprehensive physical exam, including appropriate lab evaluation.  Each patient will receive diet, nutrition and exercise counseling with a focus on disease prevention.  Also includes Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and age-appropriate cancer screening, with referral to specialists as needed.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Many of the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease are preventable or manageable.  Therefore, it is imperative that we identify these risk factors and take steps to prevent or manage them.  We will thoroughly review your risk factor profile (hypertension, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, smoking, family history, etc..) and make suggestions to optimize your profile to decrease the risk of future cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke or peripheral vascular disease).  Each patient will undergo an individualized, multi-faceted approach including risk factor management, diet/nutrition and exercise counseling and behavioral modification.  All patients deemed high risk for future cardiovascular events will be referred to a Board Certified Cardiologist as needed.

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
We offer nutritional counseling for patients looking to optimize their diet and nutritional status.  Each patient will receive a review of their typical diet and identification of problems areas with their diet, as well as suggestions on how to improve your diet to maximize health and vitality.  We also offer exercise counseling for those looking to start or modify an exercise regimen.  As diet and exercise work together to achieve a healthy balance, it is recommended that both diet and exercise counseling be undertaken simultaneously. 

Weight Management Counseling
We offer counseling for those looking for weight gain, weight loss or simply weight maintenance.  Dr. Washington focuses on diet and exercise counseling, as well as behavioral modification, as part of any healthy weight management regimen.  Dr.  Washington feels that diet and exercise should be maximized prior to pharmaceutical or surgical weight loss options.

Anti-Aging and Bio-Identical Hormones
Coming Soon!! 

Flu Vaccinations
Influenza ("flu") vaccinations will be offered during flu season, according to the availability of the vaccine from its manufacturer.

Medication Refill for Travelers
Did you forget your medication while on your business trip or run out of medication during a vacation?  Dr. Washington can review your medical conditions and refill any needed medications in the convenience or your hotel room or office.
Note : We will only refill essential medications, such as blood pressure or diabetes medications.  Dr. Washington will not refill any narcotic pain medications under any circumstances.

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